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  1. jason says:

    not bad

  2. Jordi says:

    Good for Deal Extreme for caring about Android users too. Very useful. I have become addict to this app checking out for new products every hour :-)

  3. XRAYBoY says:

    Cool app. Works really fast in ASUS AT with Android HoneyComb 3.2
    Congratulations to the development team. Bad thing for my bank account.

  4. Fujiy says:

    After the last update I canĀ“t find this features:

    Track order status, account information and review past orders

  5. dudubell says:

    thank you,DX. you will be the one of best companies in the world.

  6. yzheske says:

    it is more convenient for us ,thank you ,dx

  7. misika says:

    so cool,thanks,my DX

  8. cherrylsusf says:

    dx amazing app,thank you for your effort,my friend.

  9. helovegirls says:

    i appreciate your help very much.

  10. danford says:

    Thank you for all your works for me very much!

  11. DACHEKE says:

    er,it works for my iphone! thank you for your effort.

  12. jerrealdam says:

    app is so great!!
    thank you !!

  13. mikeyalarms says:

    now dx have own app now, i can login my account anytime using my ,dx

  14. Svenonline says:

    When will it be available fot iPad?

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